Selling and Buying

Bayolu Real Estate specializes in the sale of property throughout the region. Our highly motivated and knowledgeable sales team work diligently to offer sound market advice with unrivaled commitment and a goal to exceed all expectations. With our friendly, dedicated property consultants available at your service, finding and buying a property for sale will feel surprisingly easier from start to finish. We are there every step of the way going to great lengths to get you the best deal possible ensuring that there are no half measures in the level of service we provide.
By consistently monitoring the market, we make sure that you are kept up-to-date in order to take advantage of market conditions, which in turn will achieve the highest return on equity. Our access to a wealth of comparable and current  data enables us to provide you with a realistic property valuation. With our high profile marketing strategies our clients see interest in their property from day one.


The Dubai rental market is fast moving and provides for a variety of options, from villas to apartments and commercial properties for rent. We are here to guide you through every step in renting a property in Dubai to save your time, money and stress. We are committed to make your property purchase a pleasurable and trouble free experience. Our availability of Dubai apartments ranges from Studios 1, 2,3 Bedrooms to Penthouses and villas allowing you ample opportunity to find the right rental property. Our experienced professional, multi-lingual team paired with our  real estate brokerage services and long line of successful closed transactions will be used to your benefit you finding your next property to rent.

Asset Management

We acknowledge that real estate investors in the Dubai  market have a vested interest in the professional management of their properties as a key to returning a sustainable profit without the hassle of the time consuming task of managing their own property.

Property Management Services

We offer extensive property management services across residential and commercial properties in the UAE including Apartments, Hotel Apartments, Villas, Bulk Units, Offices, Retails and Building Management.


Our Real Estate experts use their experience and in-depth knowledge of Dubai property market and its rules and regulations to assist you in determining the right value to your property.

Our the variety of properties available in the market, and the regular moving of people in and out of residential and commercial spaces, property valuation in UAE provides owners, buyers, investors and renters with an accurate picture of prices in specific neighborhoods and districts. Our valuation is based on international standards.

Specialized qualified appraisers are needed to advise on the value of completed and off-plan individual properties and real estate portfolios of:

  • Apartment, Duplex, Loft, Penthouse, Townhouse, Villa and more
  • Hospital
  • Land
  • Mixed-use Building
  • Office
  • Retail and Mall
  • School, University or other Educational Facility
  • Warehouse or other Industrial Property

Valuation reports can be used as the basis for mortgage loans, settling the sale price of the property appraised, defining the rent value of the same, audit purpose, settlement of settling estates and divorces, for tax matters, and so on.